EVAN MYLES, Magician!

Evan has been performing magic since he was 4 years old.  He was only 12 when he found and joined the SYM (Society of Young Magicians) and immediately he began to approach magic as his chosen career. He was accepted by and attended the exclusive and prestigious Tannen’s Magic Camp for several years, winning “first place” in his final year for his performance which included his own version of a diamond studded levitating chandelier.

From that time forward we have had the pleasure of watching Evan Myles continue to hone his skills as a “professional” magician.  I say “professional”, because Evan has already earned that title, having performed throughout the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County areas in various types of venues.

For instance, as part of the “Magic” world, Evan emceed and performed at Bob Little’s Super Sunday with Rocco Silano and Jay Mattioli, well known magicians.  He also had the pleasure of performing with Mike Snyder in Harrisburg, PA as part of the kick-off of National Magic Week.  He was so appreciated for his talents that he was invited to perform for and entertain other seasoned magicians at the SYM and M.A.E.S. (Two prestigious magician’s organizations) on several occasions, gaining acclaim and winning awards.  He was even called on at the last minute to perform at the SAM/IBM Convention in St. Louis, Missouri where he really had the chance to show off his improvisation skills.

He had the great pleasure of participating in local “Broadway Night” performances on two separate occasions performing “Levitation” with the assistance of several Broadway stars and “Metamorphosis” with none other than Jenny Lee Stern.  Jenny Lee had just completed her run in the Broadway show “Rocky”.

He has also performed at Eagle’s Pre-season Football Games after which he was asked to perform for the Eagle’s and their families at private parties.

Since then Evan can be seen to perform at private parties, restaurants and other performance venues while he perfects his full length show for upcoming performances on local stages.

Evan is pleased to have been helped and mentored by Arlen Solomon, Eric Lambert, Mike Miller, Bob Little, David Oliver, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Ice McDonald, Darren Romeo, as well as the whole staff at Tannen’s Magic Camp and many others.

But, his very special mentor and dear friend is Adele Friel Rhindress, the last living assistant to the great magician Harry Blackstone, Sr.

Thank you Adele!