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Evan Myles Assisted by Gail Hutchings in THE MAGICIAN'S DREAM
Dance of Hypnosis & Magic, Fall 2016Evan Myles entertains Theatrical Camp Students
Summer 2016 - Evan participated in a competition at the world renowned Tannen's Magic Camp against young magicians from around the world.  With this performance, he brought home the first place award making him one of the top ranking young magicians world-wide. - Click the Photo to Watch.Evan Myles with enthralled audience

Evan’s Inspiration

Evan’s magic is a lesson in family history. His Great-great Grandfather was renowned magician, Mr. Arthur Morris Cowan, known by his stage name, “Mr. A.M.”

Mr. A.M. was a founding member of the Baltimore chapter of the Society of American Magicians, along with magical greats, Howard Thurston and Harry Kellar.  Mr. A.M. also knew Harry Houdini.

Today, Evan pays homage to his talented ancestor by adopting the stage name, Evan Myles, Mr. E.M.  and can be seen wearing Mr. A.M.’s pocket watch, every single day!

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Magician Harry Blackstone Senior was well known for his awe inspiring shows full of gorgeous young ladies in amazing costumes. One such lady is the lovely Adele Friel Rhindress, the last surviving assistant of this legendary magician.

We first met Adele at Evan’s first stage performance at Bob Little’s Super Sunday magic convention when he was only 12 years old and she was hooked, insisting Evan had what it took to be one of the greats! Today, she is truly Evan’s biggest fan!

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